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Posted by Jye Ramirez on November 5, 2011 at 5:50 PM

I was so happy that time. Laughing at those very moment of out of the box works behind the true miserable stage of sudden time alotted for me and my groupmates not to perform but to strive for a performance. Yes, unhappy about the forcible hushes that we need to accomplish about being proffessional for the early years we are going through. Yet, reminiscing unforgetable moment and chuckling on it, laughing on it, making it part time entertainment make us all forget the unoblivious adamantines we therefore posses through those must-do works. That moment, while heartbeats are intense, my eyes begin to stare at the ceiling from my closed eye lids, suddenly briefed into my mind the fact that those very happy moments were only just a dream. I realized how happy will I could be if I stayed with my very own true friends, the PSTARTS. Being lightyears away from my true friends is a very prosaic part of my life. To I wish I could forget about my dreams and make a U-turn going back to the place where my theatric home lies. :)

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